• Borshch Magazine - Issue 6

Borshch Magazine - Issue 6

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Lately, everything’s been weird. The feeling of vulnerability, fragmentation of time, space and memory, lack of solid ground. Many of us went back to the old ways of listening to music — glued to the speakers in your room. Is it daytime, or is it dark already? Remember your room was your whole universe? Feels like it’s time to return to where you started, to come back home. Remember what mattered to you before you grew up. Were you naive and unlearned? Or did you know yourself better before someone told you how to think of yourself and what to want and what to call for?

In our conversations, Lanark Artefax, Lyra Pramuk, Nazar, Hiro Kone, Bill Kouligas, Amnesia Scanner, Farwarmth, Helena Hauff and Racine review pieces and bits of their memories, values, and intentions with creating music. When you return to where you started and remember the days when the world was big, and you were small, and nothing was impossible, you start to play again. You free and protect your inner child. You are at home.

96 Pages, 31 x 23 cm, softcover, 2020